Better Blogging: Powerful, Persuasive Writing

Better bloggers learn how to become powerful and persuasive writers. Personal power is based on passion, confidence, and competence. All writing is about clarity. Powerful writing resonates with competence, vision, and service. Powerful writing persuades readers to read and respond. Developing power writing skills may take some time, but it will benefit your blog, business, and brand. The more you write, the more powerful and persuasive your writing will become.

Powerful, Persuasive Writing


With the explosion of social media, business writing has taken on new meaning. In addition to the traditional business memos, reports and marketing, we now have blogging, microblogging and fan pages as new venues for business writing and promotion.


When you are writing to persuade you are aiming to convince people to agree with you and act. Do not assume the reader knows what you are talking about; spell it out. The headline should tell the reader what they’re about to read. Lead with a compelling opening statement. Clearly state what you want readers to do and explain how it will benefit them. Communicate through simple, direct language. Write with passion using the active voice wherever possible as strong nouns and verbs engage readers.

Powerful writing is readable, focused, concrete and well-suited for its audience. Powerful writing is compelling and passionate. Powerful writing develops gracefully. Powerful writing flows.


Repetition is critical in persuasive writing, since a person can’t agree with you if they don’t truly get what you’re saying. Make your points in several different ways. But remember that brevity must prevail as these days readers skim read.


The format of your content will determine how successfully it holds the reader’s attention. Be concise and clear. Use short sentences, sub-headings and bulleted points. Insert relevant images. Conclude with a concise statement of the unique idea you have developed to address the issue, followed by a call to action.


Some inspiring quotes on powerful writing can be presented in 7 different sections, based on the themes that emerged. Powerful writing… (1) hits the mark (2) moves us (3) comes from the source (4) follows intent (5) changes things (6) lingers (7) inspires us to write. Here are two examples of powerful writing in 30 words or less:

Powerful writing cuts through psychological noise and grips our attention. It becomes like a tuning fork for the reader. It enhances a pure tone that resonates with the reader.

Powerful writing can move the reader forward, almost as if they can’t resist; always moving in that direction you want them to go.