Blogging: Focus on Content Creation

To blog effectively and create a successful blog the blogger must become a prolific writer of quality content that calls readers to action. Successful bloggers are organized and manage their time well. Scheduling enough time for creating original content, promoting it through social media and social networks, answering comments, locating similar blogs and reading and leaving comments on them, link building and relationship building requires strong organizational skills and commitment.

Focus on Content Creation

This morning I am following the advice in the video below. I’m not allowing myself to become distracted away from creating content. I’m focusing on building content, and I will do nothing else until this post, and another one for my other blog are completed and ready for publication.


  • Identify a readers’ need and solve a problem. This is the kind of content readers will bookmark and pass on to others.
  • Write consistently over time creating completely new content that’s useful to your readers.
  • Connect with your readers, create discussion, establish and maintain blog centered relationships by loving your readers to death.

It’s easy to get distracted as a blogger – but one thing you can’t ignore is creating content for your blog.— Darren Rowse


  • Don’t just sit there go and write a blog post.
  • Don’t come back here until you have written it.
  • Don’t get on Twitter until it’s ready to be published.
  • Don’t check your email until you’ve written it.
  • Don’t read another article about blogging until you’ve done some of your own.
  • Don’t get onto Digg, don’t visit Facebook …
  • Don’t leave a comment on another blog …
  • Don’t tweak your blog’s design …
  • Don’t check Google Analytics …
  • Don’t install another plugin …
  • Don’t do any of that until you have written that post!

It’s all about the balance. Other activities can augment the blog, but without the blog as an anchor (containing useful content), the other activities can’t stand alone.